Establishment of the Luziibangi International Health School

Objectives of the Health School

    To start tertiary health training institutions that will integrate research and health service care delivery to the hard-to-reach communities.
    Train hard-to-reach community members in compressive nursing, midwifery, public health, nutrition and other health-related programs who will in turn provide these services in these areas.
    Partner with other degrees awarding institutions to broaden access to a variety of training programs using both online and onsite approaches.
    Engage in international student exchange/placement programs with institutions abroad to improve the local nationals’ experiences.
    Placement of volunteers to foster health training or health care services.

To run early childhood development projects/activities including operating a nursery, kindergarten and daycare schools

    To create, run, and operate primary, secondary and vocational schools aimed at empowering people with practical skills.

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