Dominic Ogwal Savio (Mr)

Dominic Ogwal Savio (Mr)

Critical Care Nurse

A passionate critical care nurse, with Nursing & midwifery care skills. A researcher and educationist seasoned in maternal, child health and adult intensive care nursing. Acquired formal training and offered care in intensive care nursing with the focus on management of the critically ill with COVID-19 and other life threatening illnesses. A trainer and mentor in regard to quality patient care improvement, quick-check and management of the severely ill.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Baccalaureate prepared nurses as the new entry-level nursing cadre in Uganda: A qualitative study of BSN student and faculty perspectives in two universities

Research Expertise


Expanding use of video technology to improve mid-level health care providers’ infection prevention and control management in rural and urban health care settings in Uganda.
Assessment on knowledge, attitudes, practices and school readiness in the West Nile and Acholi sub-regions for sexuality education and information
Analysis of reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health (RMNCAH) referral pathways in rural and urban health care settings in Uganda

Analysis of child immunization service delivery in rural and urban health care settings in Uganda.
Birth asphyxia in Uganda: Factors associated with birth asphyxia and the effect of administration of intrapartum oxygen on maternal and fetal outcomes, Randomized control trial.

Awards and Honours

BSc. Nursing (Hons), Makerere university, Uganda

Critical care and intensive care nursing certificate, Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Uganda

Certificate of Micro-research, Mbarara University of Science, Uganda and technology and Dalhousie University, Canada